I am a registered psychotherapist with a private practice in Cambridge (CB1). I also offer therapy online via Zoom/FaceTime. Offering a space which is safe and non-judgemental. Where we can explore together what is happening with you and in your life that has left you feeling anxious, depressed, sad, angry, low in self-esteem, empty or distressed. Through working together we will try to understand how these feelings are manifesting in your life – be it through addiction, social anxiety, eating disorders, discomfort in your body image, destructive relationships. And endeavour to bring you to a place where you feel comfort and understanding in and of your self.

My main areas of experience are in addiction, destructive relationships, anxiety, OCD, low self esteem and eating disorders. These are all behaviours that uncover deeper issues of what is going on. By looking at them together we can get you to a place where they don’t control your life.

Fast – Acting EMDR Approach

I am a passionate practitioner of EMDR (Eye movement desensitization reprocessing), a cutting-edge and clinically proven psychotherapeutic technique for treatment of PTSD and most psychological issues.

EMDR is a fast-acting approach that is focussed and so works on a specific issue in a way that is rewarding to both the client and therapist. It shows quicker results than individual talking therapy by focussing in on the core root of the problem and delivering results as quickly as possible. I’ll target the root causes of your issues and help your brain re-wire more adaptive neural networks. This will automatically and organically lead to a more peaceful and satisfying experience of living in the world.

EMDR is one of only two modalities approved by the NHS, APA (American Psychological Association), US Defence Department and WHO (World Health Organisation) for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR can also be used to treat most other non-traumatic issues presented in therapy with the same efficiency.

Click here to listen to Jameela Jamil talk about her experience of EMDR therapy;


Individual Therapy

My style of working is to listen to you in order to gain an understanding of your experience of the world, what your issues are that may be hindering you or causing difficulty in your life.

We’ll work together to discover what you want to change and how to release the blocks to your performance, creativity or your ability to engage and love others in order to live the life you want to live.

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About Me

I am a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Cambridge. My approach to therapy is Existential-phenomenological although much of my training has been integrative which means it incorporates Psychoanalytic theory and Person-Centred approaches which have all formed my understanding of the therapeutic process.

You can read more about Existential Psychotherapy here http://existentialanalysis.org.uk/about-the-sea/about-existential-analysis/

I am also an EMDR therapist in training so am confident in using these techniques to reduce distress. EMDR can be extremely useful for helping with trauma, PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, binge eating, trichotillomania (obsessive hair pulling), addictions, public speaking, and social anxiety.

My style of working is to listen to you in order to gain an understanding of your experience of the world, what your issues are that may be causing difficulty in your life. And working together to find a way of acknowledging and understanding them so that you may find it possible to live the life you want to live.

Before becoming a therapist I worked for 14 years in the fashion industry. As well as my private practice I have also worked in an alcohol dependence service and with victims of domestic abuse. So although clients have come to me with all sorts of issues I do have specialist experience with addiction and relationship trauma and difficulties.

Psychotherapy Qualifications:

  • Member of UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) (Member number; 2011172256)
  • Registered Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) (Member number; 303846)
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Training with Sandi Richman (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
  • Deep Brain Reorienting training with Frank Corrigan
  • Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy (Regent’s University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regent’s University)
  • Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regent’s University)
  • Certificate in Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice (Bowlby Centre)
  • BSc in Psychology (UCL)

I adhere to the BACP and UKCP codes of ethics and complaints procedure. I am also a member of the Society for Existential Analysis (SEA). I am committed to Continued Professional Development and regular supervision of my practice. I maintain professional indemnity insurance.

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Fees & FAQS


Individual psychotherapy & counselling sessions £80 (50 minutes)

EMDR and DBR sessions £120 (60 minutes) 

I offer a concessionary rate to people who are unemployed or on a low income as I believe that psychotherapy should be accessible to everyone so please do ask me if I have any low fee spaces.



A. This can vary depending on what you’re going through and what you’d like to get out of it. Psychotherapy tends to be a long term process of up to a year or more, especially if you would like long term effects or substantial change to take place. Ultimately the decision to end therapy will always be yours, but we can work together to determine what might be best for you.


A. Sessions can be for 50 – 90 minutes.


A. Sessions can be weekly or twice a week.


A. Typically sessions are the two of us talking in a room. This will be a safe and confidential space where you will not be disturbed and your privacy is maintained. You can talk about whatever you like, for example; what brings you to therapy, what you’d like to get out of coming, difficulties you may be having.


A. All sessions will be confidential. The only person I will discuss the sessions with is my clinical supervisor, which is a requirement of professional practice. However, I will not reveal your full name or any other identifying details that may identify you or others. Any notes that I will take will be anonymous and safely stored in accordance with GDPR guidelines. The only reason that I may break confidentiality would be if I felt that your life or another’s life is in danger, or that there are serious child protection concerns. Unless it was not possible, I would always talk to you first and involve you in the decision to break confidentiality. 


A. Once an agreement has been made there is a cancellation policy of 1 weeks notice. Cancellations short of this for any reason will be charged at the full fee unless we can find an alternative time in the same week to meet. There is no fee charged if the session is cancelled by myself.


A. There is on street pay-and-display on nearby roads. Public transport to Mill Road and Hills Road which are both a short walking distance. And a space in front of the building to lock a bike.




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